In a real sense the establishment of Aalborg University in 1974 was an exciting experiment in higher education as important as, for instance, the Open University concept in the United Kingdom.

International Evaluation Panel.

The engineering programmes at Aalborg University are project-organized from the day the freshmen arrive until their graduation. In the programme Aalborg University has grasped the opportunity to meet the voiced need for education to be more closely aligned to an engineering problem-solving approach.

Comprehensive evaluation of the programmes in engineering and science has proved the concept to be an effective educational system wich produces readily adaptable graduates with strong qualities in the fields of management, problem-solving, co-operation and project work.

Finn Kjersdam M.Sc., PhD, Dr.Techn., HonFAB, is gratuated from The Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University, Copenhagen, Technical University of Denmark, Copenhagen, Nordic Institute of Advanced Urban and Regional Studies, Stockholm and Graduate School of Educational Management, Harvard University, Cambridge. At present he is Professor in Physical Planning and Dean of Engineering and Science at Aalborg University.

Stig Enemark, M.Sc., FRICS, is gratuated from The Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University, Copenhagen. Previously he was consultant chartered surveyor. At present he is Head of the Planning and Surveying Programmes and Reader in Land Management at Aalborg University. He is Chairman of the Professional Committee of the Danish Association of Chartered Surveyors and Chairman of FIG Commission for Professional Education.