This book has been written to pay homage to our university and our colleagues, who during the past twenty years have developed a unique educational system.

As always when we are dealing with real innovations, there were only fragmentary theories and no experience and training, when we took off. Learning by doing was the code of the process as well as the code of the educational system that we tried to build.

Today we have a university with ten thousand students equally divided between undergraduates and graduates, where all programmes are based on problem-orientation and project-organisation. During those twenty years the programmes have been developed into a spectrum of versions of the problem-oriented project-organized types of education within humanities, social sciences, the sciences and engineering.

This book is focused on our experience within engineering and the natural sciences.

The first chapter about the concept is written in co-operation, the second chapter on how to do it is written by Enemark, while the third chapter on the evaluations is written by Kjersdam.

The book is edited by Kjersdam.

Aalborg 1994

    Finn Kjersdam & Stig Enemark